31 Dec

It's very useful to know who parents are competing against with regard to school board elections.

Here is a link (https://bitly.ws/38dCC) to the tax year 2019 IRS Form 990 for the Bloomington Federation of Teachers (BFT).  

All nonprofits are required to file this form annually.

BFT takes in over $800,000 every year from member's union dues (presumably Bloomington teachers and staff).  It spends over $700,000 each year on "affiliates" but it is not known who these affiliates are.  BFT claims that it spends a lot of this money on student education programs.  It would seem likely that Education Minnesota is a BFT affiliate.

BFT and the associated paraprofessional group together donated $1200 to candidates Olson, Korman and Starks according to the candidate's campaign finance reports.  2023-school-board-election-campaign-finance-reports.pdf (bloomington.k12.mn.us).

BFT filed its IRS 990 form using the address of Bloomington Public Schools administrative offices at 1350 W 106th St.  BFT appears to be well-entrenched within BPS.

BFT employs thirteen people as shown on the 990 form.

Here's a link to more info on BFT:    American Federation of Teachers - 1182 Bloomington | Bloomington, MN | Cause IQ

The public school system works to sustain itself politically and financially at the expense of students and their families. 

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