31 Dec

Below is a link to the 2023 School Board Election Campaign Finance-Reports.

Initial observations:The Bloomington Federation of Teachers and Paraprofessionals sent out three joint citywide campaign mailings for Olson, Korman, and Starks but only showed $600 donation to each ($600 from BFT and $600 from BFP) for a total of $3600.  Doesn't seem to cover the cost of mailing 8,000 to 9,000 mailings to Bloomington residences three times.

It's a major conflict of interest for employee unions to have their candidates serving as school board members.  

It's also a major conflict of interest to have teachers serving as school board members.  All three school board members are teachers. 

Board members are elected by the public to serve the public's interests. Board members who are financed and otherwise supported by teacher's unions or who are teachers themselves cannot objectively serve the public's interests when voting on teacher's contracts or when dealing with other matters affecting teachers.

5/7 Bloomington Public School Board Members are teachers. 

Where is the diversity in that?

HEATHER STARKS-License 378075


MIA OLSON-License 349644

THOMAS BENNETT-License 409299

ALBA NELLY KORMAN- License 390417


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