19 Aug

Here's an excellent Parents Defending Education video by two leading education experts that will inform you about the explosive school choice issue and the outright corruption in our education system that is driving parents to demand more control over their kid's education.  Fifty-five minutes long but very much worth the watch: PDE TV: Fund Students Not Systems: A Conversation with School Choice Evangelist Corey DeAngelis - YouTube  

Governor DeSantis (FL) and Governor Youngkin (VA) have gained overwhelming voter support for their commonsense positions on education.  School choice has become a leading explosive issue for conservatives as parents nationwide learn more about the left-wing indoctrination that is taking place in most of our schools, indoctrination in opposition to the traditional family values that are bedrock for American society.  

Massive new school buildings and athletic facilities comparable to pro sports teams can only fool parents for so long about the questionable quality of education their kids are getting before they realize what's really going on in their schools. 

This rapidly growing school choice issue really paints the marxist Democrats into a corner, especially as parents learn about how the cozy relationship between Democrats and teachers union leaders (not individual teachers) is designed to exploit our schools and indoctrinate students for the Democrat's political purposes at the expense of students, families and taxpayers.  It's quite a scheme that Democrats have orchestrated over a period of decades, and it needs to end now before more kids are harmed.  

School choice is a powerful way to incent all schools to return their focus to satisfying basic student educational needs and not waste public resources on destructive political indoctrination. Tell your elected officials and candidates for elected office to support school choice as a fundamental American right. 

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