18 Dec

Challenging explicit material and holding the district responsible for actual curation of books coming into the district is not "banning books". 

Representative Walter Hudson gives an exceptional interview on The Family Beacon Podcast.

"People are [suddenly] pretending that they don't know what the curation of content means".

"Freedom to express yourself is not impeded by my telling you [... ], you will not put smut in front of kids." 

"This idea that we have to balance individual rights with the protection with children. No. Where there's a seeming incongruity between those two priorities you're not perceiving reality correctly.'"That child has an individual right to NOT be subjected to your depravity. And so what we are actually doing is upholding that child's right and upholding their parents right to fulfil their responsibility to that child, by limiting your action. And that is the essence of the law. Every single law we have is a limitation upon your action to prevent you from violating the rights of someone else."

We have a communal responsibility to protect children.

36 minute mark


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