21 Nov

Statement to School Board

My name is Alan Redding, long-time resident of Bloomington, and proud dad to three sons that went through Bloomington public schools.

So, I had intended to speak on books and curriculum and chronic violations of district policy in the classrooms, but tonight it is heavy on my heart to address the violent anti-Semitic comments made by Kennedy teacher Meredith Aby-Keirstead at a recent Freedom Road Socialist panel.

As I’m sure the board is aware, Meredith is a leading spokesperson and organizer for several proudly socialist and anti-Israel groups locally, and she made national headlines for her demand that Israel stop fighting and allow Hamas to continue their war of barbaric terrorism unopposed. And at numerous protests across the cities, she has led crowds in disgusting chants that are dog-whistles for eradicating Israel. 

And she remains unapologetic. In fact, the Freedom Road group she helps lead, doubled-down just a couple days ago, praising the October 7th terrorist attacks as the “righteous Al-Aqsa Flood operation”. 

It has also been widely reported that she and her 14-year-old daughter were recently arrested at a protest. She put her minor daughter in legal jeopardy! This utter lack of judgement is inexcusable for a senior teacher with tremendous influence over students across many schools and programs that she has taught or helped lead. 

Why has the district and school board sat silent for over 3 weeks and not publicly condemned her remarks in the harshest terms possible? With attacks on Jews up nearly 400% nation wide in the last month, what is the district doing to ensure the safety of Jewish students and staff? The anti-Semitic venom that this teacher is openly spewing in the public square is putting students and staff in harm’s way, and bringing unprecedented discredit to our district.

When will the district and board show basic moral leadership and prevent teachers with such violent views and ideologies from teaching and influencing our children? If not now, when?

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