13 May

I am Charlotte Silva, speaking on gender inclusion policies 440 and 540:

The policy avoids stating it is compelling others to use student/staff pronouns – but one “intentional” pronoun misuse could be considered harassment. Who decides if it was accidental or intentional? It is extremely vague. This is weaponizing speech against those who have a different opinion. I am opposed to this. It is unconstitutional.

The policy allows students to access any restroom, locker room or changing area that they decide fits their gender identity. If a biological male decides to use the girls’ area, that biological male can just go in. If the girls or women consider this an invasion of privacy, they all have to seek out an alternative.

Last study session day it was said that it would be discrimination if one transgender student were asked to use a different facility if a group of girls objected to their presence. The transgender woman could force himself on a group of girls who object if he happens to decide last minute to just walk in? So one person who identifies as a female, but is a biological male, trumps an entire group of girls in the girl’s space? How is that not discrimination?

And how would staff know a student or adult was using a facility based on their gender identity versus being inappropriate or have malicious intent? Who would make that call? How will the school handle legal fees if a class action or any legal action, including Muslims, is begun against the school for allowing such things?

Will you be requesting more funds for education if the school gets sued for allowing transgender women into girl’s spaces? Will our tax dollars be used to pay off such things to make them go away, or to pay the legal fees?

I see these policies as discrimination against women and girls. A weaponizing of speech to force people to comply. It is a big deal!

I see the policies as a continuation of war against children, facilitating opportunities for others to prey upon children. I oppose them. 

I close with this: DO NOT MESS WITH OUR KIDS!

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