17 Oct

I’m Kristine Seitz. A Bloomington resident.   

The elementary books on the petition have been identified due to the topic of sexuality at inappropriate ages. Kindergarten books label children as transgender and quickly escalate to discuss puberty blockers, breast binding, gender surgeries, and how to hide web searches from parents by 2nd grade. 

Few studies, if any, have been conducted on minors and transitioning. As educators, you cannot in good conscience promote these ideologies. Minors do not have the maturity to fully process how this often has painful lifelong physical effects.  So, this is not just a matter of children having the right to choose a book, as some suggest. Books are the tip of the iceberg. 

Gender and sexuality are promoted constantly throughout students' days with displays, posters, events and even emphasized on the clothes staff wear. Staff are over-affirming and giving special privileges to students in the Gender and Sexuality Alliance clubs that are permeating the schools. It is no coincidence that biological girls transitioning has risen by 4500% and is now considered a social contagion.  

Policies too, are broken regarding GSA clubs: 

1. Inappropriate relations and social media use w/ students  

2. Clubs are teacher led- not student led 

3. Purchasing of GSA promotional items w/ school and taxpayer money 

GSA advisors also bring outside resources in to talk to students about camps, gender identity, transitioning, and have had students take sexuality surveys.  All of this usurps parental rights and lacks consent.   This is not a matter of “hate”, we do not hate any children. We love them enough to stand against this dangerous rhetoric.  It is about students being inundated with this harmful agenda and transparency with parents.   The superintendent and the board have been notified of concerns multiple times and have done nothing. The three incumbents should not be re-elected, as they are party aligned and seem to advocate for this dangerous social engineering.  What we need are board members who will put children first above all political agendas.    

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