15 Dec
Bloomington Minnesota Public School Board statement by Nick Valenzuela, December 11, 2023

I respectfully request that you remove the sexually explicit materials you currently provide to children in this district. Here is why...

For approximately sixty years in the United States of America, educational systems have been teaching the following five lies to our children:

Birth control means it's okay have sex with as many people as you want because the risk of getting pregnant is lower,

Condoms mean it's okay to have sex with as many people as you want, because the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection is lower,

Legalized abortion means that you're simply making a choice for a better life as opposed to intentionally sacrificing the gift of life inside your womb,

Darwinian evolution proves that life's astonishing complexity appeared by a preposterous collection of random events that exceed all realistic mathematical odds, making God irrelevant, so therefore obedience to God is seen as the practice of morons and rubes,

And that leads to the conclusion that God does not exist, so therefore no objective moral standard can exist in our universe. This consigns us all to endlessly fight over what is morally right and wrong.

For all six decades these five lies have been relentlessly perpetuated in our media and institutions.

In the utopia so many aspire to create by dismantling what they consider to be the fascist, bigoted, hate-filled, oppressive, capitalistic, western Judaeo-Christian patriarchy, where will the freedom be found for those who want to express the God-given mystery of sex with joy, respect, honor and wonder?

The answer is there will be no freedom for those who wish to treat sex like the sacred union it was created to be. Under the pretense of compassion, these children who you are prematurely exposing to sexual concepts will be collectively coerced by our culture to partake in the perverted desecration of their own bodies, bodies which have always been and always will be temples made in the image of the living God.
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