A Records Request from ISD271 regarding internal communications involving GSA (Gender and Sexualities Alliance) clubs within our schools was received last fall. 

What we found was disturbing to say the least. Though Genders and Sexuality Alliance is supposed to be student-led after-school organization, it is instead being highly promoted and coordinated on school time by staff, whom parents trust. 

The data request shows possible improper use of school funds, where on 4/13/22 the lead secretary states in an email that she sneakily ordered candy to sell during Pride Week (skittles/starburst/airheads), saying, “Don’t tell the district I ordered using my P-Card”. VVMS also spent $700 on Pride week posters that highlighted “role models” such as anti-American soccer player Megan Rapinoe, and Kim Petras who medically transitioned at age 16 before the legal age of 18. 

The GSA advisors are also bringing in outside resources that are more than happy to discuss sex, gender, and transitioning with your child, all without parental consent. Equally disturbing is that Bloomington’s Human Rights Commission lists relationship-building with GSA through ice-cream socials as a 2023 Workplan priority. 

Upon researching the Gender and Sexuality Alliance website, we found a petition in support of an extremist group called National Trans Youth Council whose manifesto includes abolishing the police, our entire court system and all immigration authorities ( 

So, what are the City of Bloomington and Bloomington Public Schools doing actively supporting and promoting a group that wants to abolish the police and make our community unsafe? The City Council and Mayor signed off on the HRC 2023 Workplan. 

Are they aware that GSA is a radical extremist group that goes way beyond being an innocent after-school kids group? What we found violates the trust that we place in city leaders and school officials. 

What about the sheer hypocrisy of a City Council and Mayor who supposedly support our police but actively promote a group that literally wants to abolish them? It’s time to shutdown GSA in Bloomington.