City of Bloomington Promoting Radical Political Activism in Bloomington Public Schools

The Bloomington’s Human Rights Commission (HRC), originally formed in 1968 following the assassination of Martin Luther King to address real racial discrimination at that time, has morphed under Bloomington Mayor Busse into a far-reaching citizen oversight function with the authority to impact virtually any aspect of resident’s activities in the name of broadly redefined “human rights”.  

Unfortunately, included within the HRC’s 2023 Work Plan approved by the City Council is an initiative for “relationship building” with Bloomington Public School GSA clubs.  Human Rights Commission (

What is a GSA Club and why is this a problem?  GSA Clubs, once known as “Gay, Straight Alliance”, and now renamed “Genders & Sexualities Alliance” by the national parent organization “GSA Network”, is a Oakland, California-based political activist group promoting destructive gender ideology to young children nationwide.  What is a GSA club? – GSA Network The goal of GSA Network is primarily to build a coalition of gender ideology activist groups using Bloomington Public School GSA clubs, in this particular instance, to incent students to promote gender (including transgender) ideology through political activism in their schools.

Bloomington’s Public Schools started hosting a GSA Club over five years ago, most notably in Valley View Middle School where hallway posters promoting gender ideology concepts such as transgender, asexual, non-binary, etc. have surfaced in school hallways on multiple occasions despite past assurances from Bloomington school officials to Bloomington citizens that such blatant political indoctrination would no longer occur.

Notably, national gay groups are disputing the incorporation of false gender ideology into their independent gay rights movement and having gender activists call it “LGBTQ+” (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer).  This conflict between gay and gender activists prompted the redefinition of GSA from “gay, straight alliance” to “genders and sexualities alliance” by the national GSA activist group. Gays Against Groomers 

So then, why are Bloomington’s politically elected officials allowing the HRC to promote the destructive, highly political gender ideology in Bloomington Public Schools?  Why is the Bloomington Mayor and City Council promoting a political agenda into the ostensibly politically-neutral Bloomington Public Schools?  Why are Bloomington Public Schools allowing the promotion of thinly-disguised political ideologies like gender in our community’s schools? 

If you’ve been watching the actions of the Bloomington City Council in recent years, it is apparent that it is quick to respond to the political agenda of outside radical organizations at the expense of the interests of the majority of Bloomington citizens and Bloomington City employees.  It is also readily apparent that some of Bloomington’s elected officials have political aspirations beyond serving Bloomington residents.  So, in order to promote their personal political careers, some of Bloomington’s elected officials desire to check off outside items of a particular political agenda at the expense of the interests of Bloomington residents or risk not getting the outside political and financial support essential to future political campaigns for state offices.

As a result of the Mayor and City Council’s loyalty to a so obvious “hidden political agenda”, Bloomington residents are subjected to the interests of outside political activists promoting things like GSA Clubs in our public schools.  Add to that ranked choice voting (recently totally debunked for its false claims by the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute  Humphrey Institute Study On Ranked Choice Voting | PDF | Voting | Voter Turnout (, “organized” garbage collection (sold by the city on the false premise of less wear and tear on roads and less noise – note that the City just added another round of garbage truck traffic to collect organics – that’s OK), a ban on conversion therapy for those suffering from gender dysphoria despite no evidence of this occurring in Bloomington, false claims by the Mayor and City Council that racism is a major concern for Bloomington (a data request of the City found no significant incidents of racism in Bloomington despite the fire department’s racial “noose hoax” of a few years back), and more.

Bottom Line:  the HRC’s apparent promotion of gender activism in Bloomington Public Schools and the long-standing tolerance of political activism by Bloomington Public School officials in our schools needs to stop now. Citizens want better education, not indoctrination in our public schools.

In addition, the City of Bloomington needs to quit kowtowing to outside political interests at the expense of Bloomington residents.  It can start by reining in the unjustified overreach of the Human Rights Commission as detailed in the Commission’s 2023 Work Plan (