Explicit Books in BPS

The Petition

We are petitioning for the immediate removal of sexually explicit books from our libraries in ISD 271, Bloomington Public Schools. It is time to come together to preserve the innocence of our children. Sexually explicit books and videos that validate pedophilia, incest, sexual sadism and gender confusion can be found in the Bloomington Public Schools. We need to let the district, school board, and staff know that this is unacceptable reading for our children. Similarly, we do not consent to our tax dollars being spent on explicit material being made available in schools.

This is not about banning books. The books can be found at the public libraries. It is about protecting our children and using discernment for minors in the school setting. It's about what is emotionally, physiologically, and mentally appropriate for all minors under the age of 18 to be reading. It is no different than choosing age-appropriate curriculum that meets the needs of developmental milestones or grade levels.

Here are a few examples of what can be found in the high schools:

 An excerpt from “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” reads:

“I was seventeen. He was forty-eight. That night, after his secretary left for the day, I was laid across his desk, with my skirt around my hips and Ari’s face between my legs. It turned out Ari had a fetish for orally pleasing underage girls. After about seven minutes of it, I pretended to erupt in reckless pleasure. I couldn’t tell you whether it was any good. But I was happy to be there, because I knew it was going to get me what I wanted.”

 An excerpt from the book “Verity” by Colleen Hoover says:

“When I got to the bathroom, I locked the door, turned on the water in the sink, and then puked in the toilet. When I let him come in my mouth, I had no idea how much there would be. How long I would have to continue swallowing. Keeping my composure was tough while his dick was in my throat, drowning me.”

An excerpt from “All Boys Aren’t Blue” by George M. Johnson reads:

“You told me to take off my pajama pants, which I did. You then took off your shorts, followed by your boxers. There you stood in front of me fully erect and said, ‘Taste it.’ At first, I laughed and refused. But then you said, ‘Come on, Matt, taste it. This is what other boys like us do when we like each other.’ I finally listened to you. The whole time I knew it was wrong, not because I was having sexual intercourse with a guy, but that you were my family. I only did that for about forty-five seconds before you had me stop. Then you got down on your knees and told me to close my eyes. That’s when you began oral sex on me as well … After a minute or so, you stopped. You then laid me on the ground and got on top of me. You began humping me – back and forth back and forth — never penetrating me, though.”

 Gender Queer: This is not as graphic as it gets. This book shows two guys performing oral sex and more.


Other titles that can be found in the schools include: 

 The books in the elementary and Middle schools are not all sexually explicit, but have a concerning emphasis on transgender and transitioning. 

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