Draft Policy: Library Materials 606.5

ISD 271 school board members have drafted a new Library Materials policy 606.5. 

Upon first reading the proposal, we recognize that it is authoritative and takes away opportunity for community members to express concern and engage in advocating for the children of Bloomington. The policy stems from MSBA (Minnesota School Board Association). It is another step in taking away parental and community member rights in the school and minimizes our ability to initiate action when expressing concerns or finding out new concerning information as it is presented to us. 

The policy takes away checks and balances and creates the impression that one "expert" will make decisions for all based on their subjective opinions due to having no council to answer to. This is abusive and stifling for anyone who does not agree with the current agenda that is in place in the schools. This will have devastating consequences today and 20 years from now. 

Proposed Policy https://bitly.ws/39Bbd

Current Policy https://bitly.ws/SpjX

BPS Media Center FAQ https://bitly.ws/39BaP

This proposal was presented to the school board on 1/8/2024. Beth Beebe was the only one who challenged the language and rules that were presented to the board. Beth was mocked by one of her colleagues. All but Beth denied that there was anything wrong with this proposal as it is. I IMPLORE you to read this policy, ask questions, write to the board and show up to the school board meetings. Support Beth who is trying to support us. She is trying to represent us but she is just one person and needs us present to help represent our concerns.

There is limited discourse happening among our leaders on this committee, which consists of Matt Dymoke, Tom Bennet, and Heather Starks. They all sit in agreement with one another. There are no challenging questions and no discernment that might cause them to think about the bigger picture and offer a more balanced policy that protects the people's rights and holds leaders accountable to the people. They are taking MSBA language and as one board member put it during the school board meeting, "Bloomingtonizing" it. What does that even mean? 

And have they looked at other options outside of MSBA that might offer a more balanced approach to this policy? They are not doing their due diligence to fully comprehend the consequences that will come from this.

We want to be clear that the policy is in the proposal stages right now. That means that there is time to challenge the policy and stand up for your rights as a citizen.