13 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Child Safer at School

13 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Child Safer at School   

Beginning a New School Year

  • Meet the teacher and ask questions about his/her values. 
  • Survey the room for questionable posters and books on the shelves. 
  • Review and monitor all coursework materials through communication with teachers, Canvas Parent and Infinite Campus, and by inspecting homework and assignments. Ask to see the teachers individual lesson plans. Be involved!   ( https://bitly.ws/3hnt7 )
  • Review curriculum used by the district during the yearly open review process. 
  • Write a letter to the teacher and principal stating you do not want your child exposed to, or reading and learning about Genders and Sexuality, Transitioning, or on any topic related to the LGBTAI+ movement.  

                * Opt-out of questionable curriculum topics and request alternative coursework.                                       Legal Institute Form ( http://bitly.ws/LQo4 )  District Form ( https://bitly.ws/SpjX )  

  • Know that minors (under age 18) cannot sign contracts and no elected official can provide consent for them.  
  • Opt-out of all surveys. Failure to opt out allows the district permission to survey your child all school year. 

                 * Many surveys ask personal questions about the student and his/her family or are on topics                      such as sexuality and racism.  

Throughout the School Year

  • Ask your child if he/she belongs to any after-school clubs. If so, call the school and inquire about the clubs and demand the schools require permission slips. 

                * After school clubs such as Gender and Sexuality Clubs and Union Clubs are activist groups                       with an underlying 9-point manifesto such as GSA's ( https://bit.ly/3I5KuP8 )  

  • Ask if your child goes by a nickname. Teachers will put nicknames in the district system called Infinite Campus and refer to the full legal name during conferences. Ask to see the nickname drop down box.  
  • If you have a concern about your child and do not feel the district employees are being forth right with information, send a MN data request specific to your child requesting to see all emails, conference and meeting dates and topic, along with notes taken on your child and be as specific as you can with including names of teachers and staff. 

                * The district has 10 days to provide you with information. ( http://bitly.ws/LQam ) 

  • Know what the district policies are. Volunteer and report to principals when policies are being broken. Violations need to be documented. 
  • Volunteer at a schools ( https://www.bloomington.k12.mn.us/volunteer )  
  • Apply to participate on a school committee. ( http://bitly.ws/Jd7m )